Why real men should do yoga

Indeed, why should real men do yoga? Or should that be: why should real men do yoga? This headline and corresponding article appeared in the media a couple of weeks ago - thank you, Saturday Times Magazine. This is what we want, more encouragement, more validation for a way of being that has been practiced for thousands of years and is open to every human being on the planet! No qualifications required, no criteria to meet.

But the implied question in the title also made me stop and ponder for a moment. It is rare that men need permission to do anything, isn’t it? Historically, men have simply got on with whatever felt right for them: invading other countries, making wars, exploring uncharted territories on the planet and in space, building amazing structures like bridges/buildings/cathedrals, educating themselves and each other, doing all the important jobs, rewarding themselves and each other. The list goes on and on. And along the way, men fell off the yoga-wagon, I guess.

In the wake of ♯MeToo and a rising intolerance of harassment and sexism from men, which is quite right and long in coming, I’m offering yoga as the inclusive, uniting, healing platform for both sexes. Whatever your age, fitness level etc. Let’s get on the mat and work it out there, ladies and gents. Work with mutual respect and admiration, because we need each other in this increasingly challenging world. Work with LOVE!