A guru experience - meeting Mooji

“Guru” means literally dispeller of darkness. A spiritual master who guides spiritual seekers to liberation, guides them into the light/enlightenment. There have been countless gurus through the millennia, and today there is a vast selection of gurus offering their teachings through books and satsangs (a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering) all over the world.


It’s hard to choose, there is so much out there. But I haven’t pursued anyone in particular, preferring to explore in my own way through books, especially the yogic scriptures (Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika), or waiting to see what comes my way. Then one day I found myself on a yoga teacher training course in Bali where the teachers had a photo of Mooji on the wall of the shala where we practiced every day. They had met him and decided he was a key spiritual guide for them.


It turned out that Mooji was going to be in London for a book launch recently and I decided that now was the time to attend my first satsang. I arrived with an open mind and heart. When Mooji appeared and got on the stage, everyone stood up. His presence was clearly palpable in the big meeting hall. And what a joy to listen to his voice, soft as butter and smooth as silk, with an unmistakable Jamaican accent adding to his charm. I enjoyed hearing him explain and elaborate on the theme of Oneness, that we are not our bodies, we are much more than that. We are directly connected to the universe, in fact, each human being (and organism) is the universe, something we can experience through a dedicated process of self-enquiry. Simple, but deep.


The Q&A section revealed the need we have to find this connection, to feel a part of the greater thing. In the questions one could hear the insecurity, loneliness, frailty, even confusion. And of course, a curiosity and a need for knowing.


However, Mooji himself is helpful on this point. In one of his YouTube videos he says quite clearly, “You don’t have to go to India to find it [love, joy, enlightenment, Oneness], to Himalaya to find it, or to the Caribbean to find it. It is right where you are…” This is his gift to us: we don’t need to cling to others, to things or to places. Attachment is not the way to peace and happiness. It’s the opposite – we need to detach and let go in order to experience our higher being and ultimately, the universe.


Easier said than done perhaps, but worth a go I fancy!