A dog-inspired new yoga pose

I was sitting at my kitchen table the other day and looked down at my dog chilling on the floor.  He had his front paws crossed over which I thought looked cute and made me laugh. Then I realised it reminded me of the arms in Garudasana, Eagle Pose, so I got down on the floor to practice yoga with him!  I took it a step further and thought that actually, this is a new pose: ardha supta garudasana, meaning half (ardha) reclining (supta) eagle pose! It’s half because we are not crossing our legs as well – not sure Barley could do that anyway….


This is what I love about yoga, it can be practiced on so many levels – spiritually, physically, energetically (more on chakras later!) – but also playfully and creatively. It doesn’t have to be approached in a rigid, static way, but simply allowing the body to move where it wants and needs to go in the moment.


Barley’s yoga moment also reminded me of the importance of staying connected to what is around us and being open to noticing.  Open to feeling inspired.  Like watching the dog and enjoying his effortless way of simply being, or really taking in our surroundings on walks, or taking the time to stop and take in the scent of a flower. 


It is no accident that a lot of the yoga postures take their names from Nature: tree pose, scorpion, crow, turtle, mountain, the list is long.  One of the main themes found in yoga scriptures is Oneness - we are all connected and part of the same thing, come from the same source, spiritually as well as physically.  We are all (plants and animals) ultimately made of the same “stuff”.


Next time you are out and about, maybe you’ll see something yoga-inspiring!